Photographic Prints

Photographic fine prints are catalogued as art on paper.

Over the past ten years, digital imaging has revolutionized the practice of photography throughout the world. As of June 1, 2013, all of my black and white exhibition prints are made on archival papers with Epson K3 Ultrachrome inks. Black and white negatives and color transparencies from the past are taken into the computer using a Plustek 120 film scanner and then printed onto archival fine-art papers.

For digital capture SLR camera images made today, the raw color camera file is converted in the computer into a black and white image if the photograph is best expressed in monochrome. Color prints are made from the DSLR camera file after manipulation in the computer

If a monochrome image is desired, a consistent color profile is added to the digital photograph in the computer. Digital print qualities are equal to traditional silver gelatin prints and the manipulation of the images in the computer can often surpass those possible in the darkroom.

Print sizes vary depending upon whether the image is from film or from a digital capture SLR camera. The native full frame image for film is usually in the sizes of 8x10," 11x14," or 16x20." The full frame image size for digital capture photographs are 6x9," 10x15,", or 13.33x20." Of course any digital image can be cropped and then enlarged or reduced to whatever size is desired. But the usual image sizes have changed with the change to digital photography.


Prints can be ordered from each photo's page in the galleries.