Photographic Murals

Photographic prints larger than 22" x 28" are usually considered murals. These enlargements are produced using digital files and large format printers. The photographs used for murals originate from black and white negatives, color transparencies, or digital cameras. Photographic murals are usually site specific.

Murals begin with the photographer's digital image. These large photographs are printed at one of several commercial laboratories around the U.S. The photographer's instructions for cropping and printing are critical. The print is usually dry mounted to acid-free archival board or it may be shipped unmounted to the client's framer for mounting.

Murals can bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. Photographic murals can reflect a company's business activity or show an organization's appreciation of the natural wonders of its region. Photographic murals in a home environment become a focal point for a large room.

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