Services Available

Corporate Murals and Fine Art Prints

J.P. Bell can produce color or black and white prints and murals for corporate offices, banks, hospitals, and other institutional settings. Images may be chosen from his existing inventory of  landscape photography or he can produce new work which reflects the historical and natural resources of a business' geographical location.

Photographic Murals

Photographic prints larger than 22" x 28" are usually considered murals. These murals may be produced from either black and white or color material. Photographic murals are usually site specific and are produced for permanent installation. They are printed digitally. Click this link to learn more about photo murals.

Editorial Assignments 

J.P. Bell is available for editorial assignments. His photographs and articles have appeared in Locomotive and Railway Preservation, Railfan and Railroad, the Arkansas Gazette, Arkansas Times, River magazine, Active Years. eFort Smith, and National Geographic maps.

Aerial Photography

If you need aerial photography, J.P. Bell can supply these specialized images. He is a licensed pilot and understands the constraints of flight over cities and in congested airspace. For safety, he usually employs another pilot when photographing from the air. Fixed wing aircraft are usually adequate and prove most cost effective for most assignments. Helicopters are also effective photographic platforms, but their rental fees are sometimes twice the cost of fixed wing aircraft. In recent years multi rotor quadcopters have proven useful in gathering both video and still images.

Image Licensing

To purchase rights for use of any images seen on this website, please contact us by email or telephone.

Contact J.P. Bell

Call J.P. Bell to discuss any photographic services you may need at 479 650-2328 or e-mail.